Finding a “Niche” after being out of the Loop for Several Years

…What is a “niche” anyway, and how can a funny looking word have so much power?  Growing up I watched on TV as moms went back to work after being home several years with their children, trying to navigate their way back into the workplace.  Wow, that would never be me… until it actually became me.  However, personally, going back to “work” has meant discovering the power of the internet. 

If you’re part of the online business community, blogging, business marketing, content marketing, writing or any number of ways the web has outstretched and touched your life, you’ve probably come across the word “niche” a few times.  So, what does a funny looking word like that mean anyway?  According to the dictionary, it means a “distinct segment of a market.”   Thanks for the help dictionary, but how can I apply this to my work?

This is what I’ve been struggling with.  After being away for some time, I’m trying to find my path again.  What is it that’s really important to me?  How do I sift through all of the options out there and narrow it down to one thing?  This one thing that will lead my focus, allow me to provide useful information to readers, and help give me a sense of accomplishment?  Thing, where are you? 

Have you overcome this phase in your career, if so, do you have any tips for me on how I can narrow down my focus and find my niche?  If so, please share!

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