6 Immediate Action Steps for Gaza

People of Conscience in Solidarity with Gaza

The crisis in Gaza continues and many of us are left feeling helpless, but we are not.  Here are 5 immediate action steps you can take in support of Gaza.  Let us begin collective mobilization.

1)   Register to Vote. If you are not a registered voter, your call or email will not be accounted for in your Representative’s office. Unfortunately, there is no online format to do so but you can download the form here and mail it out as quickly as possible.

2)   Contact your Congressional Representative. For those who are already registered, email or telephone your state representatives. If you don’t know who your Congressional Representatives are, you can find them here.

3)   Boycott companies that support the Israeli Occupation. Here are a list of companies that support Israel’s illegal occupation, thus lose our support.  There’s a pretty cool app that allows you to see which companies support Israeli Occupation.

4)   Write a letter to the editor/op-ed. Submit your voice in local or national newspapers. Even if you don’t get published, editors will begin to notice a larger influx of concern on the topic. We need to get the media’s attention, voice your passionate concern, but make sure never to defame any one group of people.

5) Contact the White House.  What’s the point of living in a Democracy if we do not exercise our right of free speech?  Write today.

6)   Utilize social media in support of Palestine. Get your hash tag on, #freepalestine, #freegaza, #americanswithgaza. This may not seem like much but there is a social media grassroots movement mobilizing to #freepalestine. Think this doesn’t phase Israel? Think again.


What are some of the immediate changes you’ve incorporated into your lifestyle to resist Israeli Occupation?  Share in the comments section in case I’ve missed something. 


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