I #SupportGaza

Watching the horrible images coming out of Gaza has become consuming.  There isn’t a happy moment I have with my own children that I don’t think about another mother in Gaza who has been robbed of these precious moments.  The precious moment when a baby wakes up from a nap and just wants to cuddle. The precious moments when you come home after you’ve been out running errands and the kids run to the door to greet you.  Those precious moments, that don’t feel precious, of breaking up a sibling argument, or cleaning up a mess after playtime.  Those are the precious moments the mothers of Gaza have lost.

The sorrow deepens with every life which ends too soon.  My heart aches, my spirit is with Gaza.

Today, I came across a video that I wish all the talking heads, so-called fair and balanced “experts” would just watch.  Don’t comment, don’t analyze, just watch.  You will walk away a different person.

To the beautiful youth of Gaza, your spirit is unbreakable. 


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