I Stand with Gaza [#InterviewPalestinians]

Lina Ali

The following is a guest post by Palestinian-American Lina Ali.

IDF…the world’s largest terrorist organization in the world, which unfortunately is being funded by our own government with billions of US tax dollars at a time when our schools, medical services and infrastructure are suffering from a lack of funding.

When will we wake up and realize that the apartheid Israeli state is not one of peace, tolerance and acceptance? When will we wake up and stop supporting a government who has administered a holocaust on innocent men, women and children?

How can it be that world leaders have ignored the cries of their citizens and have sat back and watched another holocaust take place in the year 2014?

I truly hope that the hate that we have witnessed in the past several weeks and the criminal activity carried out but what claims to be a “democratic” state will come to an end soon. I hope for the fast healing of the wounded in Palestine- the bodies, hearts, minds and souls of our oppressed people. I hope that my children will grow up to live in a world of peace and respect for humanity and the freedom to live freely and safely in Palestine if they wish.

Lina Ali is a mother of three beautiful children who currently lives as an expat in the Middle East and works as a marketing director at an international creative arts firm. She is the co-founder of the world renowned Capture the Spirit of Ramadan™ International Photography initiative.

If you’d like to submit your reflection and photo on Gaza to this blog, please do.  I am hoping to create a series of blog posts which express solidarity with Gaza.  Contribute! Email your submission to prowriterinc[at]gmail[dot]com.


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