The Power of Appreciation: Saying Thank You and Making it Count

“The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.” – Elizabeth Foley

I have been blessed in my life with people who’ve constantly found ways to push me forward when all I felt like doing was standing still.  I can honestly say that these individuals have been guiding forces in my life.  I know that I’ve appreciated these people internally, but now is the time to show my appreciation with this thank you note.

 My Mom

 Losing my mom 4 years ago was the absolute hardest time in my life.  She was the pillar of strength I turned to often in times of weakness.  I didn’t even have to tell her that something was wrong.  She just knew.  She always had the perfect recipe for comfort, a mix of soothing words and just enough kick to get me going again.  I no longer had that, because in an unexpected instant, she was no longer there to push me forward.

 She was the person in this world who loved me through all of my inconsistencies and mistakes.  She believed in me like no other person could.  I thank her for teaching me the essence of patience and perseverance.  She taught me that I can take any situation and flip it around in my favor.  She taught me to turn to God when all human explanations didn’t seem to fit.  Thank you. I miss you and feel your loving energy in moments when I find myself seeking direction.   

 Teachers and Mentors

 I am the product of a mix of learning institutions.  I’ve attended inner city public schools, as well as private and privileged institutions.  All along the way, I was very blessed with teachers and mentors who for some reason or another believed in me.  They truly wanted to see me succeed.  Thank you.  If these angels hadn’t carried me through, I may not have become a first-generation college educated woman.


My friends know who they are and I love them dearly.  My friends are the family I’ve chosen.  A good friend will always reappear throughout your life, time and distance is no match for a great friendship.  Thanks for keeping me going. 

 People who are no Longer Part of My Life

 Sometimes you find yourself in a not so great place with the people you thought at one point would be there always, but life and its complications happen.  Sometimes its just too hard to get over hurtful words spoken and actions taken.  At this point I can sincerely apologize for my part in any misgivings.  Thank you for giving me happy memories, I will cherish them and now, I’ve let go.  I hope you can too.


My husband and two children.  These are the people who have me in their lives for better or worse, and I could not be more blessed.  My tiny bundles of love don’t understand how patient they are with me, and what their unconditional love really means yet.  They will one day.  Until then, I thank them by trying to be the best parent I simply know how to be.

                    Show the people in your life the appreciation they deserve.  Who has changed and inspired your life in some way?  When was the last time you genuinely said thank you?  Share your comments and thoughts below…

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