The Global Classroom

Ahlam Yassin, Fulbright 2020-2021 TGC Fellow

Global Education: The Path Forward

Standards in alignment with global citizenship are fundamental to a meaningful education.

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Global Connections [Unit Plans]

Examining Global Protest Students everywhere are trying to make sense of the chaotic world in which they exist. The images on their social media feeds are abrupt and aim for the shock and awe effect. Administrators often turn to the social studies department to help students untangle what is happening beyond the classroom. One unit … More

Tools for Public Speaking in the Classroom

The ability to communicate ideas is a fundamental component of global education. However, this is one activity, particularly when it comes to communicating ideas publicly which causes the majority of people anxiety. In fact, 73% of the population have a phobia of public speaking. The implications of being unable to speak in public have ramifications … More

From Arkansas to Lebanon via Padlet

One of the outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the massive technological shift the world had to overcome in order to continue functioning, which will most likely continue in a post-Pandemic world. In the classroom, we’ve seen the transformative nature technology has had on education. For those of us in settings that are privileged … More

International Learning Resources

While the resources on global education are abundant and it will take trial and error to figure out what works for you, your classroom and students, I’ve curated a list of resources that have been helpful in my journey in globalizing curriculum and anchoring my students in meaningful classroom experiences. Global STEM Education Center – … More

Global Competence and CTE

Career and Technical Education – A Brief History Career and Technical Education (CTE) refers to educational programs which emphasize a particular field of study in preparation for employment. For our intent and purpose CTE will align with secondary training, however, most CTE experiences are post secondary. CTE came of age during World War I and … More

Global Learning: The Difference Between Education and School

If you are a high school teacher, you have probably seen Prince EA’s “I Sued the School System“, which is a 6-minute video clip on the faults of the school system with 23+ million views. Clearly, it resonated with many individuals, including students I have taught and my own children. In the comments section, the … More

Global Competence: The Basics

Whenever you begin a new venture it feels as though you are standing on the bottom of the mountain and what you need in the moment is right at the very top. The space between you and the top of the mountain is the learning curve needed to reach that space, and it often feels … More

The Fulbright Experience

When I received the Global Classroom Fulbright Fellowship I was ecstatic because the program outline aligned with my teaching philosophy and I was excited to meet and exchange ideas with educators across the United States. I would be remiss to highlight the fact the news came as we were winding down the dreadful COVID summer … More

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