International Learning Resources

While the resources on global education are abundant and it will take trial and error to figure out what works for you, your classroom and students, I’ve curated a list of resources that have been helpful in my journey in globalizing curriculum and anchoring my students in meaningful classroom experiences.

Global STEM Education Center – This non-profit organization brings together k-12, higher learning institutions, business and industry learning for the purpose of developing Global STEM education. You will find a plethora of learning resources along with partnership and PD opportunities. 

Preparing a Globally Competent Workforce – This is a must read for CTE and global instruction.

Global Education Roundup – Edutopia’s resource guide includes resources on fostering global competence, global classroom strategies, student leadership and service, along with additional resources.

Qatar Foundation International – The focus of the Qatar Foundation International is to promote deeper understanding of the Arab world through educator resources and opportunities. 

Duke University Middle East Studies Center – Duke University’s ME Studies Center is one of my favorite educator resources on the Middle East. Explore their website and definitely sign up to their email list. There are so many great learning opportunities made available through the list.

Asia Society Center for Global Education – The Asia Society is another treasure trove of resources. Its mission includes promoting understanding of Asia across the world using arts and culture, policy, education, sustainability, business and technology.

United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs – This is the home of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals which are a fantastic place to begin in order to integrate global education into any elementary or high school classroom.

Teaching with the News – Brown University’s Choices Program, the Choices Program is definitely my go to for thoroughly examined units which span historical and contemporary trends. I’ve attached their Teaching with the News page which is a free resource you can use to navigate global current events with students. 

New York Times Learning Network – Some of my most memorable assignments have been curated or inspired by the New York Times Learning Network. 

Pulitzer Education Center – Lesson plans curated to make local/global connections, request a virtual journalist visit to your classroom, professional development, grants and fellowship opportunities, programming for the 1619 project can all be found on this site. 

Why we need a better approach to teaching digital literacy – This is an essential read for any educator. All of my instruction this Pandemic year was virtual using online tools. This article details the switch in verification methods in checking online material, moving from the checklist to lateral reading approach. 

 The Danger of A Single Story – This TED talk is one of my favorites. It is by renowned Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. This talk really speaks to the importance of engaging with one another’s stories and what happens if we do not think beyond our own experiences.

Culturally Responsive Curriculum Scoreboard  – This is an effective and useful tool to help examine curriculum for its cultural integration with a guide to help interpret scores as well. 

This list will likely expand as I continue the journey on global education, you can access the Google document here. Feel free to make a copy of it as you build your own library of resources on global education.

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