The New Year and the Magic of Starting Over

There’s something about new beginnings that is such a turn on.  New beginnings give people a sense of fresh starts; whatever happened yesterday doesn’t matter because you have something so much better to look forward too. This renewed sense of faith in doing something great with yourself seems to be optimized around the New Year. 

The Christmas Blizzard of 2010 has come as a driving force pushing the Tri-State area into the New Year.  Personally, I’m pretty excited about 2011 and what it has in store.  Let’s take a look at how you can make 2011 the year of great success in your life.

The Magic of Starting Over

Most people have been through it before, you’ve had a bad experience and you just want to let it go and move on.  This is the power of a new day.  You can resolve to let it go and move forward. 

A word of caution: moving forward usually entails a bit of resolution.  Try to resolve whatever issue may be at hand.  If you feel like you’ve done all you can with no avail, you should have no problem leaving it behind and moving forward.  You just don’t want to feel like you have loose ends you have to take care of on your journey forward.

Don’t be Afraid of Hardship

If you think about the experiences in your life that have made you a stronger person, these instances will most likely entail some sort of hardship.  Facing obstacles is not something to fear.  It will add to your character, and you’ll learn how to be more creative in finding solutions.  The trick in getting through a hard spot is not crumbling in its midst.  Always keep the bigger picture in mind, and never maintain a short-sighted focus on the present. 

Stay Positive

The power of the mind is, well, mind boggling.  Self-doubt is your enemy and you want to banish it from your system.  Of course, there will be times when you may not feel adequate but you have to know there is always a way to get better.  Your personal dialogue has so much power over your life, so be careful with the words you say to yourself. 

Remain Humble

There’s nothing that can remind a person of their powerlessness than standing in a blizzard.  After all, we’re only human and there is only so much we can do.  Sometimes, after you’ve given it your all, you just have to stand back and wait until everything falls into place, or until the storm settles. 

So, make your resolve for the New Year.  Incorporate courage, the magic of new beginnings, and the belief that when you’re doing all you can either things will fall into place or they simply are not meant to be.

*Photo courtesy of Dreamstime via Aleksandar

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