18 Steps to Revolutionize Your Life

Never underestimate the power within you

“We would be happier to have personal revolution in our individual lives…” – Laura Ingalls Wilder

There is a lot going on in the world.  There are individuals right now literally risking their lives for a better future.  Their demands: a true democracy where having an opinion is not a punishable crime, the freedom to live with dignity, to reap what you sow and for hope in a better future. 

Wow.  It pretty much makes the trivial things in my life seem so … small.  The people of Egypt sparked and succeeded in causing a revolution in 18 days, what a powerful tool of inspiration.  While you may not be thinking about a political revolution, you may be wondering how to pull on this inspiration to change your personal situation. 

In no particular order, here are some ways you can become a revolutionary in your own life:

1)  Accept yourself.  Don’t be afraid to say ‘the hell with it’.  You are who you are and until you accept this fact and stop trying to bend to the whims of others you will always be led somewhere (often away from the person you really are or want to be). 
2)  Carve your own path.  Under no circumstance do you allow someone to dictate your goals and how big you dream.
3)  Resolve to put away those nagging thoughts.  They’ve been holding you back, whether you realize it or not.  Leave the negative self-talk behind because there is no bigger battle to fight than the one within you.  
4)  Stand up for yourself.  Remember that time when you walked away from a situation and regretted how you didn’t say anything?  Yeah, that time, well, stop biting your tongue and just say it.  You’ll feel better once you’ve taken a stand.
5)  Learn to become a fighter.  Whether you’re trying to move out of the ghetto, make ends meet, start a business or raise a child, movin’ on up in life and keeping the faith can be pretty hard.  Don’t stop.  Keep moving even when you think you don’t have anymore to give, tap into your motivational reserves and keep going.
6)  Find the meaning in your life.  Beyond the superficial, beyond the material, what brings you pure joy and tunes you in with your core?
7)  Scratch beyond the surface.  There are so many things when looked at face value can bring a person down, look a little deeper and you’ll realize it’s not that big of a deal. 
8)  Keep hustlin’.  Yes, keep moving because if you stop there’s room for doubt and this hesitation will only slow you down.  If you want to succeed you have to keep moving.
9)  Deal with your insecurities.  Yes, there are people who know more than you, who have more experience and are more successful (for now) than you are, deal with this insecurity and move on.  I’ve always loved the phrase “fake it til’ you make it” and it has yet to fail me.  Whenever I’m feeling inadequate in a situation I levitate to a different state of mind and move beyond my mental barriers.  Try it, it’s so empowering.
10)  Give.  Give of yourself.  Give your time.  Give your money.  Everyone is in a position to give.  When you think of more than just yourself, it’s freeing.  It frees your mind of its own issues, and a lot of the time it helps put the larger pieces of the puzzle into perspective.
11)  Never underestimate passion.  Never underestimate the power of a single passionate person.  This is the person that will shake things up, make things happen and cause a revolution.
12)  Open your heart to compassion.  Life is harsh, it takes away people you love, it tries to shake you down and it expects you to keep ticking.  Well, under such circumstances it’s pretty easy to close up your heart and let Life take its course.  Cleanse yourself of any feelings of resentment and open your heart to all the love that is around you.  It is liberating and you will not be able to drive a successful revolution with anything less than a compassionate heart.
13)  Tap into your faith.  Whatever your faith may be, it will help you move to heights you never thought possible.
14)  Never stop learning, please.  It’s a great confidence booster.
15)  Check your tech pulse.  Technology and social media helped form revolutions and topple dictators.  Facebook and twitter are more than just a relationship status update, how are you using this technology to empower your life, your business, and your dreams? (I’m still a work in progress and promise to try harder.) 
16)  Choose your friends wisely.  Yes; this rule is applicable to adults.  Value quality over quantity.  The friends you have in your life can either enrich your existence or not.
17)  Tune into your instincts.  Often, when faced with a predicament and you’re searching for an answer you may often overlook what you already know.  Learn to listen to the noise from the pit of your stomach trying to offer guidance.
18)  Let go of trying to create a perfect image.  Liberating yourself from the worries of what people will say about you is the only way to live up to your unique potential.  This will breed originality, joy and peace of mind.  It is a strength of character you have to work to achieve.  

The time for your personal revolution is now.  You don’t have to be in Tunis, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain or Yemen to be part of a revolution.  Take back your life.  Live your life.  Live your life because you are blessed.  People are out fighting and dying for the opportunity to revolutionize their lives, and you have the power and freedom to start now.  What are you waiting for?

Photo via Vizzual.com


  1. Ahlam,
    THank you for writing this amazing post. As I watched the events take place in those 18 days (and the days following) I tried to put into words the feelings I was experiencing. You have captured a good number of the thoughts that passed through my mind and heart.
    I am especially fond of #6 – finding meaning. It is a passion of mine to help people find their individual meaning (it’s the existential coach in me).
    It continues to amaze me how much influence, passion, and impact one individual can have on the world. I hope your post reaches many people so they too can be inspired to keep thinking about the events and to think about their world and their life.
    Thanks again.

    1. Karen,

      Yes, very true, it’s always much easier said than done. However, when we consciously try to make change in our lives things really do begin to transform, or, revolutionize. Tiny steps in the right direction can make all the difference.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Nisha, will definitely try to get back on the writing wheel! As discussed on MALW, we are all a work in progress. Thanks again!

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  5. Im 17 and im under so much preassure right now.. i can see myself letting go of my dreams one by one… im still in a dilema but this post helped me get rid of some horrible way outs that i was looking into and it gave me hope that there is still a chance for me. Thank u for making it so real and not superfluous or anything. Makes mewant to believe its possible 🙂

    1. 17 is a tough number. I’m glad you found this post when you needed it. There is always a better way out, never lose sight of the good. Surround yourself with people who lift you up, never those who bring you down. Don’t hesitate to keep in touch! Prowriterinc[at]gmail[dot]com

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