10 Steps to Sky Rock Your Motivation

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

Almost one week into 2011, how are you doing with your New Year’s resolution?  Truth be told, as soon as the New Year rings in, the ball drops and the euphoria of ‘out with the old and in with the new’ is over, most people are left with very little. 

If you haven’t created a hard core plan to help reach your goals, you’re probably feeling a bit lost.  The anticipation of the New Year is over and you want to move forward but feel stuck.  Here are a few tips to boost your motivation and help you get unstuck.

  1. Words Inspire.  It’s amazing how reading a few good words can help change your mood.  Find a few motivational quotes that speak to your situation to pick you up and get you going again.
  2. Act.  Too often people are paralyzed with inaction because they’re caught up in thinking about the end results.  You’ll never know what the outcome will be if you don’t act on it.  Stop playing out scenarios in your mind, and just take action. 
  3. Take a break.  Too often, I get so absorbed in what I’m trying to achieve that when I feel like I’m not making progress, I fall into a black hole of emotions.  It’s important at this point to take a step back and take a break.  Do something you enjoy to get your mind off of your current situation. 
  4. Goals are overrated.  It’s great to have a goal oriented mindset, but having too many goals at the same time can be overwhelming.  Relax and take it one step at a time.
  5. Acknowledge your hard work.  It’s hard to keep in mind that the road to success is a process.  Recognize your efforts and be proud of the steps you’re taking and keep moving forward.
  6. Channel the kid in you.  Kids are awesome.  They are free spirits, loving and they’re always ready for a new adventure.  When was the last time you channeled the inner kid in you?  You’ll be surprised how uplifting this can be.
  7. Get over your insecurities.  Believe in your ability to succeed.  Your dreams depend on this.  While this sounds much easier said than done, if you don’t deal with your insecurities they will surely hold you back.  Liberate yourself.
  8.  Get a buddy.  It’s o.k. to vent and it’s actually pretty healthy.  You need someone who will give you the space to do so, but will also give you a push forward when you’re done.
  9. Become solution oriented.  It’s easy to get stuck on a problem.  Approach an obstacle with an open mind and immediately start working toward a solution.  Getting wrapped up in the problem itself will only give it power.  
  10.  Fear Less.  Fear often leads to hesitation, or worse, paralyses.  Both of which often kill motivation.  When you truly get over your fears of judgment, failure and hardship, getting and staying motivated becomes much easier. 

Photo via Flickr Todd Baker


  1. Thanks for these thoughts, Ahlam. You’re right – it’s SO easy to get overwhelmed.

    I haven’t been doing it lately, but I’ve found the best way to stay motivated is to read something inspiring every night before bed. It sets the tone for the next day!

  2. Susannah, it’s great to end your day with some inspiration. It helps sooth the day’s ills, and puts the next day into perspective. Hope you can do more of it to help keep you energized! 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing this Ahlam.

    I think you have a point about channeling the kid inside. I think to many people take life waaaaay to seriously. If everyone would just slow down and take a moment to be a kid again, I think more people would realize they could have a lot more time on their hands to do the things they REALLY enjoy…and less time at the office.

    I’d challenge you on the note about *getting over your insecurities*. I think this is a lot simpler said then done. I have several people in my life that seem to struggle just to go shopping alone. When taking on a huge insecurities…it can be a life time of challenges and self awareness.

    Thanks for writing this.

  4. Joe,

    You’re absolutely right. Words are so much easier said than actions taken, especially when it comes to insecurities. I struggle to stay motivated on a daily basis. You’re right, it does take a ton of self-awareness and discipline just to stay motivated and moving forward.

    The first step to “getting over” any insecurity is acknowledging its presence, then comitting yourself to getting over it. Yes, very much easier said than done but with a commitment to move forward it it possible.

    Thanks for your input!

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