Trump and A Cup of Coffee

A cup of coffee and a chat to put things straight between The Trump and I

Coffee is a great neutralizer.  When life gets hectic and overwhelming, what better way to unwind than over a cup of coffee and a good friend? While I can’t say the Big T and I are friends, I think it’s time him and I had a chat.  The kind of chat you have with a friend you haven’t seen in a while but you’ve heard a few things through the grapevine, which makes you call them over for a cup of coffee and ask, ‘what are you doing with your life?’

As Mr. Coffee brews my Dunkin’ Donuts ground coffee I say, “Hey T, I get it, you wanna be President and you’re a shrewd businessman, you’re doing what you think you should to seal the deal.  But here’s the thing, you’re going about it all wrong.” I pause for a moment and think of where to begin.

“Your latest comments on banning Muslims from entering the US, has garnered some overwhelming publicity and you’re basking in the light.  But it’s also had some real effects on the American-Muslim community.  Yes, your fellow American citizens who were already feeling unsafe after the San Bernandino attacks.  Did you know that as I was watching the news coming out of California, I kept wishing upon wish that the people responsible for this horrendous attack were not Muslim, and I know my friends were hoping for the same.  We knew that the backlash we would face would be bad, especially after the Paris attacks. Especially for us, visibly Muslim women.”

“Watching the events unfold I couldn’t help but think about the navy blue pickup truck that pulled up next to me at a red light with a middle-aged white man looking menacingly at me. I was sending my son to basketball practice, and here I am feeling intimidated.  It’s a constant struggle.  A younger version of me may not have thought twice about it, but now, with 3 children in the car, it’s scary.”

“Now, you know how you’ve been hearing about Muslims feeling like they have to be overly nice to their neighbors, non-Muslim friends and the random person on the street?  Why? Because, well, we’re being demonized by the media and quite frankly, yourself. I’m not like that, I don’t really know how to be overly nice in any situation if it’s not sincere. If I’m having a bad day I don’t feel like I should put on a fake smile so the person in the car next to me doesn’t think I’m a terrorist.  The situation you’ve put us in is quite ridiculous, and as my 2 year old would put – not nice.”

So, how do you take your coffee? Black, no sugar? “Since you pride yourself on your street smarts, you may also be interested to hear about some of the conversations I’ve had in my classes (you know, what the public is thinking and all). I am an educator and serve the American-Muslim youth in my community. One of my 7th graders had this keen observation – he’s like, ‘you know how our parents and grandparents came to this country for opportunity? I wonder if we had to leave, where would we go?’

“My very serious question to you is, why?  Why are you creating an environment where children have to think about their place in this country as temporary?  Unacceptable, I honestly wish I could give you detention to think about what you’ve said and the ramifications it’s had on others.”

Out of Many email
“E Pluribus Unum”, or, “Out of Many, One”

How’s the coffee?  “While you drink up can we agree that you recognize the fact that you are a product of White privilege?  Remember that small loan of a million dollars? I’m sorry but your struggle doesn’t seem real.  This privilege removes you from the struggles of Middle Class America, and frankly, this country needs a candidate to make this country great.  Not great again, remind me if I’m wrong, I don’t remember a U.S. Golden Age, and the hate speech you’re spewing ain’t helpin’.”

I’m going to let you take all this in while you finish up your cup of coffee and get back on the campaign trail, but before you go…  “Do you really want to be remembered as the candidate who encouraged hate and division in our country?  You know, I’m kind of jealous of Canada right now.  The warmth and hospitality the newly elected Prime Minister has met incoming refugees with is enviably.  This is the kind of hospitality I would imagine the principles of this country stand upon. And before you return to your political circus, may I remind you of our national motto, “Out of Many, One.”

Image courtesy of Jon Sullivan [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons



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