Catch Your Splendor

Every one of us is here with a purpose, on a mission.  Yes, it’s true.  You may not know what that purpose is yet – you may find yourself changing paths from time to time, still uncertain if it was the road you were meant to travel.

Seek Inspiration
Seek Inspiration

It’s o.k.  

Sometimes, it takes longer for some people to figure out their mission- it doesn’t mean you don’t have one, it just means once you find it it will be all that more splendid, spectacular.

If you haven’t found your Splendor yet – here are 2 major static factors (those obstacles standing between yourself and your vision) and how to crush them.

Static Factor I  

I sometimes wonder how people raised children, cooked, cleaned, studied, worked, organized revolutions and kept in touch with friends without the internet.  Granted, the internet has opened doors that possibly would have stayed shut if it wasn’t for a computer screen and wi-fi (or dial-up) connection. Granted, the Internet is a marvelous place but if not careful it can be your downfall.

How many times have you promised yourself you would work on your goal only to find yourself in front of your computer screen with no less than 10 Internet tabs open?  You start out catching up on the daily news and before you know it you’re planning to overhaul your garden because of a great DIY article you just saw!

Just as almost everything in life, the internet is a place we must demonstrate self-discipline.  I know, sometimes we need a little help.  Here’s an article with a few practical tools to help boost your online focus.

Static Factor II

How many self-help books have you read?  I know I’ve read plenty.  Once I’ve put down the book, I feel empowered.  After all, what does Person X have that I don’t?  Then I catch myself.  I want to take the motivation from the book and run with it.

However, comparison is a killer.

You’re not that person.  You have your own strengths (maybe they’re in the making).  You have your own weaknesses (we all do). We live in a 4 hour world.  You’re supposed to be able to make a fortune working only 4 hours a week and have a super lean body in 4 hours a week.  Your life is yours and no one else’s, therefore, take what is positively applicable to your situation and dump the rest.

Once we embrace ourselves with all our faults, then life will begin to make sense.

We can be our own biggest champions at times.  We can also be our biggest saboteurs.  We’ll most likely be both, what’s important is that we cheer ourselves on more than we put ourselves down. Got it?

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts, rants, raves are welcome! 

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